Ending Loneliness

'Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty...'

Mother Teresa


Steve and Sarah Franklin set up Ending Loneliness to assist primarily older people who do not have the opportunity to talk or socialise with others, whether inside or outside of their home. For some people, loneliness can be combated through an occasional cup of tea and a chat, whereas for others they relish the opportunity to go to social groups or learn new skills, and that’s where Ending Loneliness can help.
We aim to arrange events across both Herefordshire and Worcestershire to connect with a variety of communities.
Steve and Sarah were both registered and active volunteers with Age UK’s ‘Reconnections’ program, which is a matching scheme for older people in Worcestershire who wish to engage with a supportive volunteer. 


Email: info@endingloneliness.org.uk                     
Alternatively you can contact us via the social media links below.


If you are able to offer any assistance in the way of concessions or places to visit, please give us a shout.


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